Friday, June 17, 2011

Oyster's are not vegetarian.

Oyster's are not vegetarian.  If you eat oysters, you are not a vegetarian.  Fish sauce is not vegetarian.  If you eat fish sauce, you are not vegetarian. 

If you are a Celebrity Chef (who shall remain nameless) and you are cooking for vegetarians while shooting a 'Vegetarian' episode and you add Oyster Sauce to your 'Vegetarian' dish, shame on you. You should know better.  My mother (a staunch vegetarian) would be very disappointed that you have an entire arsenal of people on your team (at least 25) and none of them told you prior to show time that your non vegetarian ingredient was umm, how do I put this...NON VEGETARIAN.  But you're the expert, not them.  Ultimately your brand/name not theirs. 
However, you pay them to do the work so you don't have to.

Who in the world is responsible for the reputation of public figures? 
Could it be that once you attain a certain level or power and celebrity you become your Own Personal Jesus?  Staffer's can only do so much to protect and advise their boss and after all, as a staffer your job is on the line.  


If a "hot dog" is meatless, spineless and uses Face book to ruin his pregnant wife's life- what is he?
A: He is an Anthony Wiener. 

<ya like that?  You'll like this too>

Seriously Anthony.  Where was your staff and why didn't they stop you from putting oyster sauce on your Noodle and calling it vegetarian? 
Did you miss the mandatory orientation where they tell you not to act like a complete idiot and end your own career by having an affair via email?  Why haven't you realized that only you are responsible for you life?  Don't you watch Oprah!? Gaahwd.
And now you have convinced your pregnant wife to stand by your side through all of YOUR mess.  You have not only embarrassed her by sending those 'lewd photos' and emails but you've completely humiliated her and proven her to be stupid by manipulating her into believing that it's wise to 'Stand by Your Man.' 

Huma, honey, the Rodeo's over when the clown jumps into the pit.  It's time to look the bull in the face and save yourself.  Your hubby was saucing his non-veg noodle instead of attending the 'What not to do as politician if you would like to have a lengthy career seminar.' 

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